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About Me

This picture was taken on June 24, 2005. I was 3.5 years old.


I'm Aida (Aida-Fikir) Wubshet, (Fikir = love in Amarigna, the Ethiopian national language), I'm 4 years old and 105 cm tall (2 December, 2005). I enjoy balloons, teddy bears, children books with illustrations, rubber balls and listening to tales such as about "Mammo Kilu" (the famous Ethiopian children tale). I love to sing and dance. My favorite song is "Babure" by the famous Ethiopian singer "Gash Aberra Molla". I believe I'm quite sociable, I very much love my parents and they love me too. My parents would like me to be an understanding child and I try to be. I enjoy very much meeting my friends and relative as well as my parent’s friends. Some of my parent’s friends are very close to me and they love me like their own daughter and I love them too.






I am a big fan of pets in general and dogs in particular. Currently I attend a daycare called "Myran", means ants in Swedish. I enjoy spending my day at Myran with my friends and teachers. We are 14 kids divided into 4 age groups and I belong to the next oldest group for which I am proud. We have 4 young, kind, and experienced ladies (teachers) who take care of us.

Wearing my favourite dress

This is my very own homepage on the World Wide Web. My father and mother have helped me write it, because I am illiterate for the moment.

Copyright  Aida 2005