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Sponsor an orphan and SAVE LIFE!


Like in many other regions of the world hundreds and thousands of children in Ethiopia have became orphans due to mainly war, drought, and HIV/AIDS. Close to one million Ethiopian children have been orphaned only because of HIV/AIDS. Had these children got the chance to live with their parents like me they would have certainly enjoyed their life like I do, unfortunately they are not.


You can help these children by becoming a sponsor. For an annual tax-deductible donation of less than $400, or less than $1 a day, you can provide the chance to go to school and buy food for an orphan in Ethiopia.


Funds you contribute will:

  • Provide sufficient nutrition and medical care to families.
  • Allow children to attend school.
  • Help to break the cycle of poverty.
  • Work toward the stabilization of communities devastated by HIV.
  • Support medical clinics in sponsorship communities.

Would you like to sponsor poor Ethiopian Children?


Sponsoring such children is one of the noblest gestures of human beings. Assuming that you will be interested in helping such children the surest way is to channel your help through established sponsoring organizations that you can find browsing on the World Wide Web using the search words like sponsor Ethiopian Children, sponsor Ethiopian orphans, etc.


Please, extend your hands to the needy children in Ethiopia!


Thank you!




Copyright  Aida 2005