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About My Parents

These are my beloved parents, my mother Birkenesh Begashaw and my father Wubshet Mamo. My parents are from Ethiopia, they met in Sweden and were happily married on November 30, 1996 in Stockholm. I am the first child to my parents to whom I brought much more love, happiness and joy.

Travelling is the major hobby of my parents. They love to travel together and they have been travelling in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, they have been everywhere and they made lots of friends through travelling. They are my dearest people in this planet whom I love more than anything.


This is my mother, Birkenesh Begashaw (many people call her BiBi), born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, who loves and takes a good care of me. I love you too Mamma! My mother believes that I am talented with languages and therefore she tries hard so that I speak good Ethiopian (Amarigna) and Swedish (svenska) languages. She often tells me that I am beauitiful and sociable, I believe I am! My mother loves travelling, long walks and picnics. She is a specialist nurse by profession (at the Karolinska Huddinge University Hospital in Stockholm) and she loves her profession, because she loves to help sick people.


This is my father Wubshet Mamo (also called by his friends as Wube), my humorous father who was born and raised in Jimma, Keffa province ("the botanical home land of coffee"), in Ethiopia. His major hobbies are Science, traveling and exploring different cultures and I guess it is therefore that I started traveling with my parents at my early age. My first trip abroad was to Spain and I was only 8 months old. My father loves playing as well as watching football. He is a Scientist (at AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals producing medicines for sick people) and Associate professor (at the University of Uppsala teaching students about microbes and infections they cause) by profession, he loves Science more than any thing and loves to explain things in details as he says "scientificaly". My father is also involved in efforts on prevention of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia. He very much enjoys passing his time with me. My father has a lot of "old" (from his school age) and new friends with whom he has frequent contacts and enjoys them a lot. He is funny, he makes me laugh all the time. I love you so much Dad!

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